Solutions for Developing Potential Leaders and Accelerators

Get high-potentials ready to steer organizational change and maintain strong employee engagement.

Learning Plans for Accelerators


Navigating and Implementing change

This Learning Plan empowers the Accelerators with the self-knowledge of their strengths and takes a deeper dive into the skills they need to navigate, communicate, and implement change. They also leverage 1:1 coaching to meet their individual needs and group coaching, to problem-solve together.

  • Change Leader
  • Coaching
  • Decision Making
Learning Plan 2

Influencing and managing up

Learning Plan 2 adds to the former plan by addressing the critical competency of influencing others by understanding different communication styles and needs. Through tailored group coaching sessions, Accelerators come together to learn with and support each other as they learn these vital skills.

  • Influence
  • Executive Presence
  • Organizational Savvy
Learning Plan 3

Broadening Perspective

This plan builds on the other two by addressing the unique needs of the organization through topical Group Coaching and follow-up sessions. With their individual coach, the Accelerators have the opportunity to debrief what they’ve learned and establish actionable steps to make an impact on the organization.

  • Chosen by the group and the
    organization based on the 360s

Included in all Learning Plans

AI powered e-learning content

AI powered e-learning content is provided throughout all New Level Work programs to support the deepening of individual and group learning with specific focus areas.

Assessments (360, DISC and CliftonStrengths)

Measure manager behavior against industry best practices of high-performing managers and collect direct report, peer, and manager feedback to enable goal setting and metrics for improvement.


We provide the tools to measure the impact of our learning programs from manager growth to business results, integrated with leading indicators of learning success: engagement and satisfaction.

Develop Accelerators with Group Training Courses

Group Training

Managers as Coaches

Practice and mastery of a “coaching skills mindset” most associated with effective leadership.

Group Training

Strategic Leadership

Shifts manager focus from tactical to strategic, productively moving them and their teams in alignment toward big-picture organizational goals.

Group Training

Managing Career Development

Managers explore and practice a strategic framework to drive their own career growth, as well as the development of their team members.

Meet our Executive Coaches & Facilitators

Dr. Maddisen K.

Warren, Rhode Island

Dr. Maddisen K. Krown is a seasoned Professional Coach and Leadership Consultant who has integrated her 20+ years of learning &...

Howard S.

Hampton NH

Howard Stanten is an Executive, Leadership Development, and Team Alignment Coach. He works with clients in many areas including...

Ida R.

Miami, Florida

Ida Rutten is an experienced Executive Coach with an extensive background in intercultural relations and entrepreneurship.

Iris S.

Austin, Texas

Iris is an Executive Coach who offers solutions in goal setting, leadership best practices, and career planning by utilizing...

Jim C.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jim Coyle has over 25 years of experience as a senior leader, sales consultant and executive coach. His senior leadership...

New Level Work (formerly BetterManager) has by far been the best executive coaching program I've ever attended.
"I'm learning to ask and not assume. I'm also learning to not take things personally at work - knowing everyone is doing what they think is right. I am becoming better at managing up. I have consciously curtailed using the word "should" and have started asking more 'what' questions."

Archit G.


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We’ve compiled some of our most commonly asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Can you provide an overview of the learning plans for accelerators and their key components?

The high-potential manager learning plans emphasizing essential skills vital for successful leadership, such as guiding change, providing coaching, making effective decisions, exerting influence, embodying executive presence, and demonstrating organizational acumen. These plans transcend conventional training methods, employing personalized approaches through individual and group coaching, 360 assessments, and a dedication to addressing the distinct needs of both managers and the organization. This distinctive approach equips high-potential managers with a diverse skill set, empowering them to propel organizational progress and cultivate robust employee engagement.

How do I arrange a demo for a deeper insight into New Level Work's coaching and training solutions?

You can schedule a demonstration to delve into the features and advantages of our programs, as well as to explore their alignment with the specific needs of your organization. Kindly request a demo to take the next step.

How does New Level Work's manager learning plans compare against competitors?

New Level Work's accelerator learning plans stand out as exceptional leadership development programs for high-potential managers.

Tailored to empower managers with crucial competencies like change leadership, coaching, influence, and more, these plans go beyond traditional training. Incorporating individual and group coaching, validated 360 assessments, and a commitment to addressing specific organizational needs, New Level Work's approach is unique and comprehensive. This solution equips high-potential managers with the skills needed to navigate change, influence others, and contribute significantly to organizational progress and employee engagement.

Do you have executive coaching tailored for future company leaders?

Yes, New Level Work offers executive coaching tailored specifically for those employees you believe are future company leaders, we call this our Accelerators plan. Our executive coaching programs are designed to develop the leadership skills, strategic thinking, and executive presence necessary for individuals aspiring to take on leadership roles within their organizations. Through personalized coaching sessions, we focus on honing the unique capabilities needed to navigate the challenges of executive roles and drive organizational success. Our commitment is to empower future leaders with the insights and skills required to excel in their leadership journey.

What steps are involved in getting started with New Level Work's learning plans for accelerators?

To initiate New Level Work's Accelerators learning plans, start by completing a request for a demo form; you'll be promptly contacted and invited to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we'll discuss your organization's needs, customize the learning plans for accelerators accordingly, and provide a tailored proposal for implementation. Once agreed upon, the program will be launched, with ongoing support, evaluation, and feedback mechanisms in place to ensure its effectiveness in empowering your high-potential managers.

What competencies are covered in the Accelerator plan?

The Accelerator plan is designed to enhance the capabilities of high-potential managers, focusing on key competencies essential for effective leadership. The plan includes three learning modules:

Learning Plan 1: Navigating and Implementing Change

Change Leadership:
Understanding and leading organizational change initiatives.

Developing coaching skills to guide and support team members.

Decision Making:
Enhancing the ability to make informed and effective decisions in dynamic environments.

Learning Plan 2: Influencing and Managing Up

Building the capability to positively influence others within and beyond the team.

Executive Presence:
Cultivating a strong and confident presence, especially in high-stakes situations.

Organizational Savvy:
Understanding the dynamics and politics within the organization for effective navigation.

Learning Plan 3: Broadening Perspective

To be determined by the Group’s 360s and Organizational Need:
Customized competencies based on the group's specific 360-degree assessments and the organization's unique needs.

Additionally, the Accelerator plan emphasizes the use of 360 assessments, group coaching, and individual coaching to provide a comprehensive development experience tailored to the unique needs of high-potential managers.

Why choose New Level Work's coaching and training programs for managers over competitors?

New Level Work's coaching and training programs for managers stand out for several reasons:

Tailored Development: Our programs are not one-size-fits-all. We offer customized coaching and training plans designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations at different managerial stages.

Holistic Approach: We take a comprehensive approach to leadership development by addressing mindset, engagement, productivity, and results through our Competency Model and 360 Assessments.

Expert Coaches: Our coaching team consists of highly qualified individuals with over 10 years of real-world business and people management experience. Our coaches are ICF-accredited and maintain a high client satisfaction score.

Flexible Learning Plans: Whether it's 1:1 coaching, group coaching, or assessments, our programs are flexible and can be tailored to suit your organization's requirements, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience.

Impact Measurement: We provide tools to measure the impact of our programs, connecting leadership development directly to business outcomes. Our Impact Dashboard showcases the real results and benefits of the learning journey.

Ongoing Support: Our dedicated customer success team ensures a seamless experience from onboarding to program delivery, offering ongoing support to align the program with your organizational goals.

Global Network: Benefit from our global network of coaches and facilitators, providing diverse perspectives and insights to enrich the learning experience.

Choosing New Level Work means opting for a dynamic, results-driven, and flexible approach to leadership development that goes beyond traditional training models.

The future of work has arrived. It's time to thrive.