Leadership and Innovation are in 
our DNA

Our founders' combined leadership and coaching acumen, with roots at Google, has driven our success.

The leadership team

Stephane Panier
CEO & Co-Founder
As co-founder and CEO of New Level Work, Stephane Panier brings his unique blend of leadership, work ethic, and financial expertise, honed from his early days at Google and roles at major tech firms and startups, to drive the company's growth and success.
John Topping
President & COO
30+ years as an executive for leading technology media companies such as CMP Media and IDG and an early Google executive
Wendy Hanson
Chief of Culture and Evangelist, Co-Founder
Wendy Hanson, co-founder and Chief Culture & Community Officer at New Level Work, leads a global network of executive coaches and has propelled the company to top-tier status with notable clients like Google and NASA, leveraging her two decades of experience in executive coaching.
Will Corley
Chief L&D Officer & Co-Founder
Will Corley is a Doctor of Psychology and transformational leader who has coached, advised and managed individuals...
Sonja Lutz
Sonja Lutz is a multilingual performance marketing and e-commerce expert with over 20 years of experience, renowned for her storytelling acumen and her impressive track record in scaling businesses and nurturing talent across a diverse range of industries.
Karen Benz
VP, Coaching
Karen Benz is an experienced Executive Coach with an extensive background in leadership and management. She holds a B.S....
Val Littlefield
Sr. VP, Programs & People
Val has over 25 years as an organizational leadership professional with a record of success in both Human Resources and Information Technology.
David Evans
VP, Product
David Evans is the Vice President of Product at New Level Work (formerly BetterManager). In this role, David is responsible for overseeing the product vision and strategy for the company, helping it to achieve its mission of making thriving at work the norm by developing better leaders.
Armen Jamkotchian
VP of Engineering
Armen is a seasoned software engineering leader with a proven track record in building scalable software systems and fostering innovation through agile methodologies and cutting-edge technologies.
Kate Rath
VP, Customer Success
Kate Rath leads the Customer Success team at New Level Work (formerly BetterManager), dedicated to ensuring our customers experience exceptional value and support. Together with her team, she has innovated on the customer journey process, customer health models, and automation to ensure the customer success team delights at every customer touchpoint. With a history of achievements in the realm of customer-centric B2B enterprises, Kate excels at building, scaling, and evolving high-performing teams with a tailored approach to our work with customers.
Tim Evans
Sr. Vice President of Global Sales
Tim Evans is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at New Level Work. (formerly BetterManager). In this role, Tim is responsible for achieving the company’s revenue goals through new and existing customer sales engagements.

The advisory team

Dr. George Woods M.D.
George Woods, MD, L.F.A.P.A. is a practicing neuropsychiatrist and internationally known mental health expert. He is also Vice-Chairperson of the Challenging Behaviors Special Interest Research Group...
Zia Syed
Zia is an accomplished experienced AI engineer, executive, and entrepreneur. He currently serves as Google's Engineering Leader for its AI platform, leading several teams in Cloud AI Platform group including Cloud Machine Learning Engine (Inference), Kubeflow, Google Cloud AI Hub, DeepLearning VM Images and initiatives related to doing ML in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.
Tamar Elkeles Ph.D
Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D. is an experienced Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and thought leader in the Talent, Learning, Organization Development and Human Capital field. She is a seasoned wireless technology executive with extensive experience in the high tech industry.
Simone Brunozzi
Simone Brunozzi has worked in the IT industry at large companies and startups for more than 20 years, focused for the last ten on Cloud Computing.
Jack Fuchs
Jack Fuchs is a Co-Founder of Blackhorn Ventures and an Operating Partner. Jack focuses on sourcing new investment opportunities and providing in-depth mentorship to the founders. As a Stanford Lecturer on Entrepreneurialism, Jack provides valuable insights to both founders and Blackhorn partners based on his depth of network and experience.
Gordon Freedman
Gordon is the President of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation, a California-based nonprofit committed...
Gary Millrood
Gary is an accomplished executive, entrepreneur, and dynamic business leader with over three decades of experience spanning...
Dawnet Beverley
Dawnet is a seasoned executive with 30 years of ascending management, sales and technology roles. She is the Executive Vice President...
Duane Hughes
Duane Hughes is an internationally-experienced Wall Street executive with a unique multidisciplinary background spanning...
Dennis Bonilla
Dennis Bonilla is an industry-recognized Digital Learning & Technology Transformation Strategist specializing in the integration of adult learning...
Coleen Collins
Coleen is a senior business executive with experience developing leaders and organizations in Fortune 300 Consumer, Technology...

A selection of our executive coaches

Udi G.


Udi Gavish is an experienced Executive Coach with an extensive background in leadership and management. He holds a BSc...

Sue A.

Vancouver BC, Canada

Sue Abuelsamid is an educator, entrepreneur, and professional certified coach, who brings a wealth of experience to deliver...

Radha M.

Bengaluru, India

Radha Mukherji is a certified Executive Coach who has coached leaders from across a wide spectrum of businesses. Radha uses

Lisa L.

Chicago, IL

Lisa is an Executive Coach who brings a passion for coaching leaders and teams who are growing, evolving, and creating new...

Jim C.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jim Coyle has over 25 years of experience as a senior leader, sales consultant and executive coach. His senior leadership...

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