Kate Rath

VP, Customer Success

Kate Rath leads the Customer Success team at New Level Work (formerly BetterManager), dedicated to ensuring our customers experience exceptional value and support. Together with her team, she has innovated on the customer journey process, customer health models, and automation to ensure the customer success team delights at every customer touchpoint. With a history of achievements in the realm of customer-centric B2B enterprises, Kate excels at building, scaling, and evolving high-performing teams with a tailored approach to our work with customers.

Before joining New Level Work, Kate was Managing Director at an NYC-based startup, where she spearheaded large-scale data-driven projects. In this role, she cultivated customer success partnerships with industry titans such as Twitter, Google, Microsoft, National Geographic, NY Museum of Modern Art, and Columbia University.

At the core of her approach to Customer Success is a deeply ingrained belief that we can reshape organizations by attentively listening to our customers’ needs. Kate’s commitment to infusing the customer’s voice into New Level Work’s operations enriches our Leadership Development Program offerings at New Level Work, making them more accessible, impactful, and scalable for our customers.

"Great leaders lift up the people around them and help them to thrive. Leaders who are struggling can impede professional development, accidentally silence good ideas, and can create work environments where people aren't set up for success. I love working with BetterManager because we offer solutions so all leaders can be great leaders. We bring compassion, encouragement and research tested skills to our efforts and we see lasting results in individuals and within the companies we work with."

The future of work has arrived. It's time to thrive.