Take managers to a new level by changing mindset & performance.

Most Learning and Development programs focus on helping employees feel valued OR simply focus on bringing value to the company. We’ve learned that both are essential to deliver growth and business results – otherwise, organizations face a double value gap: The Feel Value Gap & The Create Value Gap.

Feel valued
Create Value

Cultivate your workforce into a sustainable competitive advantage

New Level Work helps businesses close the double value gap by focusing on high-impact managers to change mindset and change performance. Changing mindset to become more agile and adaptable and feel valued. Changing performance, to elevate leadership skills, and create value.

Managers are force multipliers – that’s no secret. If we support them in success, then we help them be adaptable and embrace change, to help your organization today and make it future-proof for the acceleration of all things up ahead.

A flexible toolkit to change mindsets & performance

With decades of experience developing managers to accelerate business outcomes, New Level solutions are flexible, knowing that different combinations of training, coaching, and assessments work for different managers and organizational needs.

1:1 Leadership coaching

Our experienced coaches enhance development through feedback and assessments, promoting lasting change, whether for individuals or teams.

Group coaching

A facilitated experience that brings groups of managers and leaders together to discuss, collaborate, reflect, and share concepts learned with one another, and work toward putting them into practice.

Group training

Managers and leaders collaborate, reflect, and share insights for practical application and effective use of core competencies.

Virtual workplace events

Reach large groups across your organization with critical training concepts and leadership principles.

Our platform

Track enrollment, participation, and learning effectiveness, including reactions, impact and program ROI.

360 assessment

Measure manager behavior against industry best practices by leveraging feedback from direct reports, peers, and managers.

Included in all Learning Plans

AI powered e-learning content

AI powered e-learning content is provided throughout all New Level Work programs to support the deepening of individual and group learning with specific focus areas.

Assessments (360, DISC and CliftonStrengths)

Measure manager behavior against industry best practices of high-performing managers and collect direct report, peer, and manager feedback to enable goal setting and metrics for improvement.


We provide the tools to measure the impact of our learning programs from manager growth to business results, integrated with leading indicators of learning success: engagement and satisfaction.

Transformative coaching and training that elevates managers to new levels

Business Unit Leaders


Leadership Skills

Equip senior leaders to broaden their perspective, shift focus from daily tasks to personal/team growth, and aid in achieving business goals.

High Potentials


Leading Change Skills

Get the Business Unit Leaders of tomorrow and mid-level high-potentials ready to steer organizational progress and maintain strong employee engagement.

New Managers

Emerging Managers

Must-Have Management Skills

Help new managers become effective swiftly, particularly if they're new to management or lack proper training.


Explore our frequently asked questions about our solutions.
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What is the Double Value Gap?

The Double Value Gap identifies the two disruptive and costly gaps in organizations: The Feel Value Gap & The Create Value Gap. If both go unaddressed it will hinder businesses from not only hitting their goals, but seeing exceptional growth, high performing teams and a thriving culture overall.

How do you close The Double Value Gap?

At BetterManager, our coaches and facilitators have been helping businesses for decades close the double value gap. We coach, train and help managers build the skills and competencies that foster affinity and outsized contributions.

Years of experience working with managers and organizations have proven that if we change mindsets and performance we close the double value gap.

BetterManager partners with organizations to take their managers to a new level by changing mindset and performance with a flexible toolkit of 360 assessments, leadership training, and 1:1 and group coaching. There isn’t a one size fits all for organizations and our BM team meets companies and managers where they are to deliver flexible learning plans that keep managers accountable and deliver results for the organization.

How does leadership development address the Double Value Gap?

Leadership development is the linchpin for addressing the Double Value Gap, encompassing both the Feel Valued Gap and the Create Value Gap. By enhancing managerial skills, fostering adaptability, and aligning individual contributions with organizational goals, leadership programs create a culture where employees feel valued and can make tangible contributions, effectively closing the Double Value Gap.

What are the consequences of the Feel Valued Gap on employee satisfaction?

The Feel Valued Gap, when unaddressed, leads to disengagement, reduced morale, and lower productivity. Employees who don't feel appreciated may experience higher turnover rates, impacting organizational profitability. Leadership development prioritizes empathy, recognition, and effective communication, creating an environment where employees feel valued, positively influencing job satisfaction.

Can you provide examples of strategies for bridging the Create Value Gap?

Bridging the Create Value Gap involves aligning individual contributions with organizational objectives. Leadership development achieves this by promoting goal clarity, empowering employees through skill development, and fostering a culture of innovation. It ensures that employees understand how their work contributes to the company's success, driving both individual growth and organizational value.

How do leadership programs enhance adaptability in managers?

Leadership programs focus on adaptive leadership, empowering managers to navigate change effectively. By imparting skills in resilience, innovation, and guiding teams through transformations, these programs equip managers to lead in dynamic environments. This adaptability is crucial for bridging the Create Value Gap by aligning employee efforts with the organization's evolving needs.

What is the correlation between employee satisfaction and organizational productivity?

There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and organizational productivity. Discontent among employees, stemming from the Feel Valued Gap, can lead to decreased motivation, lower morale, and suboptimal performance. Leadership development, by fostering engagement and satisfaction, positively impacts productivity, contributing to overall organizational success.

How does the 360 assessment contribute to holistic leadership development?

The 360-degree assessment provides a comprehensive view of a manager's strengths and areas needing improvement. It allows for targeted development in specific areas crucial for bridging the value gaps, addressing both employee satisfaction and value creation. This tool enables personalized coaching, aligning leadership development with individual needs and organizational goals.

What are the specific benefits of coaching and training for managers?

Coaching and training for managers yield several benefits, including enhanced leadership skills, improved adaptability, and the ability to navigate change effectively. These programs contribute to employee satisfaction by emphasizing recognition, communication, and support. Managers trained in leadership development play a pivotal role in aligning individual contributions with organizational goals, creating a positive work culture.

How does leadership development impact employee well-being?

Leadership development fosters a culture that values employee well-being by emphasizing personalized growth opportunities and recognition. Managers trained in leadership skills prioritize the health and satisfaction of their teams. This integrated approach helps address both value gaps cohesively, creating an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated.

Can you share success stories of organizations that have closed the Double Value Gap?

While specific success stories may vary, organizations that invest in leadership development consistently report improved employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and enhanced organizational performance. Closing the Double Value Gap contributes to talent retention, innovation, and a positive workplace culture, ultimately leading to sustained success.

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