Manager Insight Tools

Our Impact Dashboard, 360 assessment, and Manage Dashboard combine to provide actionable insights and real-time progress tracking against established benchmarks for effective leadership. This suite of top-tier tools helps identify organizational needs and targeted growth opportunities.

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L&D outcomes in a format that resonates with the C-suite

Comprehensive behavioral analytics

Measure intricate aspects of leadership development

Real-time management tools

Implement, track and report on program participation

Backed by science

Integrates proven methodologies and industry benchmarks

Manage Dashboard

Ensure program success with the Manage Dashboard

The Manage Dashboard offers in-depth reporting on learning completion and participant feedback while simultaneously giving visibility into L&D spending and budget allocation in real-time.

Program overview: Track and oversee learner enrollment, participation, and completion.

Real-time progress monitoring: Monitor managers' progress, pinpoint growth opportunities, and showcase achievements.

Reporting: Utilize turnkey and automated reporting for internal sharing with stakeholders

360 Assessment

Scientifically-validated assessment tools for all your people managers

Go beyond surveys to measure leaders' development from mindset to business results. Measure manager behavior against industry best practices by leveraging feedback from direct reports, peers, and managers.

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Measurable impact

Our clients see a 33% increase across key leadership best practices after 90 days of coaching.


We’ve compiled some of our most commonly asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

How does New Level Work differentiate itself from other leadership development and coaching solutions?

New Level Work distinguishes itself from other leadership development and coaching solutions through a comprehensive and flexible approach. Our holistic solution combines assessments, training, coaching, and learning methodologies, ensuring a tailored experience that meets individuals where they are. The global network of coaches and facilitators boasts over 10 years of real-world business and people management experience, emphasizing a deep understanding of the evolving workplace. The new platform facilitates easy management of learning plans, allowing for precise measurement of attendance, sentiment, behavior change, and ROI. Our customer success team, assigned dedicated managers, onboards live with clients, providing a personalized and continuous partnership. Furthermore, our competency framework guides leaders through a transformative journey, showcasing tangible impacts on engagement and productivity. Overall, New Level Work stands out for its commitment to accountability, adaptability, and delivering exceptional results.

What makes New Level Work's global network of coaches and facilitators unique?

New Level Work's global network of coaches and facilitators stands out in accelerating manager development due to its unique combination of qualifications and experience. Each coach and facilitator in our network has successfully completed an ICF-accredited Coach Training Program and/or holds ICF credentials (ACC, PCC, MCC). With a minimum of 10 years of business management experience and a proven coaching track record, our tenured coaches bring a wealth of real-world expertise to the table. Maintaining a 9.0 client satisfaction score underscores their dedication to delivering high-quality coaching. This ensures that our coaches possess the essential skills to pivot with all managers and teams as the dynamic world of work continues to evolve, providing a valuable and adaptable resource for manager development.

What kind of support does New Level Work offer in understanding and utilizing the data and insights provided?

New Level Work offers robust support in understanding and utilizing the data and insights provided through its platform. The dedicated customer success team serves as an extension of the client's Learning and Development (L&D) team, ensuring successful program delivery and alignment with organizational goals.

The customer success team provides personalized onboarding, ensuring a smooth start to the partnership. They offer live onboarding sessions, emphasizing a personal touch over automated virtual onboarding. This personalized approach continues throughout the program, with each client having a dedicated customer success manager assigned to them. This manager ensures continuity from program to program, understanding the client's organizational goals and helping them make the most of the data and insights provided by the platform.

Whether it's managing learning plans, interpreting attendance and completion metrics, or utilizing the Impact Dashboard for reporting, New Level Work's customer success team is committed to supporting clients in extracting meaningful insights and maximizing the impact of their leadership development initiatives.

How user-friendly is your platform or dashboard for someone unfamiliar with leadership development tools?

New Level Work's platform is exceptionally user-friendly, featuring a modern and responsive interface for easy navigation on various devices. It simplifies the management and deployment of learning plans, allowing users to enroll participants, measure attendance, assess sentiment, monitor behavior change, and evaluate business impact and ROI. The Impact Dashboard provides clear visuals and reports, ensuring a seamless experience for both seasoned professionals and those new to leadership development tools. The platform is designed to make understanding and utilizing data and insights straightforward for all users.

How does the platform deploy learning plans, measure attendance, demonstrate ROI and impact?

New Level Work's platform facilitates the deployment of learning plans with ease. Users can efficiently manage and deploy the specific learning plans they have purchased. The platform enables the grouping of participants and enrolling them in tailored learning plans. Moreover, it provides robust features for measuring attendance and completion, allowing organizations to track participant engagement effectively.

In addition, the platform offers comprehensive impact assessment tools. It measures various aspects, including participant sentiment, behavior and behavior change, business impact, and return on investment (ROI). Users can compare their metrics to industry benchmarks, gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of the learning programs. The platform's reporting capabilities extend to providing detailed reports on learning and learning impact for senior executives, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making regarding leadership development initiatives. The modern and responsive user interface further enhances the overall user experience, making it easy for participants to sign up, sign in, and actively participate in their learning across different devices and operating systems.

I would highly recommend New Level Work (formerly BetterManager) to any aspiring leaders out there!
"My coach encouraged me to identify my strengths and adapt my leadership style so it's authentic to me. She helped me to motivate and empower my team, allowing me to step away from the details. This has freed up so much time and headspace, meaning I can have a more strategic focus."

Lucy B.

Associate Director, RuderFinn

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