Solutions for Developing Emerging Managers

Help new managers become effective quickly, particularly if they’re new to management or lack proper training.

Learning plans for Emerging Managers


Basic Management Skills

Learning Plan 1 provides the foundational communication and management skills required for new managers to make the shift from individual contributor to team leader while also developing self-awareness.

  • Coaching
  • Providing Feedback
  • Prioritizing/Time Management
  • Delegation
Learning Plan 2

Team Leadership

Learning Plan 2 builds on the previous packages by challenging the manager to think beyond daily operations and focusing on the growth and impact of themselves and their team with 1:1 coaching and group training sessions to personalize their experience.

  • Building Teams
  • Drives with Vision & Purpose
  • Ensures Accountability
Learning Plan 3

Peer Coaching

This plan builds on the other two by addressing the unique needs of the organization through topical Group Coaching and follow-up sessions. With their individual coach, the Emerging Managers have the opportunity to debrief what they’ve learned and establish actionable steps to make an impact on the organization.

  • Resilience
  • Drives Results
  • Drives Employee Engagement
  • Develops Others

Included in all Learning Plans

AI powered e-learning content

AI powered e-learning content is provided throughout all New Level Work programs to support the deepening of individual and group learning with specific focus areas.

Assessments (360, DISC and CliftonStrengths)

Measure manager behavior against industry best practices of high-performing managers and collect direct report, peer, and manager feedback to enable goal setting and metrics for improvement.

Impact Measurement

We provide the tools to measure the impact of our learning programs from manager growth to business results, integrated with leading indicators of learning success: engagement and satisfaction.

Develop Emerging Managers with Group Training Courses

Group Training

Strategic Leadership

Shifts manager focus from tactical to strategic, productively moving them and their teams in alignment toward big-picture organizational goals.

Group Training

Managing Career Development

Managers explore and practice a strategic framework to drive their own career growth, as well as the development of their team members.

Group Training

DISC Behavioral Assessment & Workshop

A powerful team building workshop to drive improved communication and collaboration across teams (includes individualized DISC assessments)

Meet our executive coaches & facilitators

Jim C.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jim Coyle has over 25 years of experience as a senior leader, sales consultant and executive coach. His senior leadership...

Iris S.

Austin, Texas

Iris is an Executive Coach who offers solutions in goal setting, leadership best practices, and career planning by utilizing...

Ida R.

Miami, Florida

Ida Rutten is an experienced Executive Coach with an extensive background in intercultural relations and entrepreneurship.

Howard S.

Hampton NH

Howard Stanten is an Executive, Leadership Development, and Team Alignment Coach. He works with clients in many areas including...

Dr. Maddisen K.

Warren, Rhode Island

Dr. Maddisen K. Krown is a seasoned Professional Coach and Leadership Consultant who has integrated her 20+ years of learning &...

Personally, it has been a game changer for me.
"I just loved the sessions which were not too preachy, but helped you to strengthen your core by identifying your values, identifying your communication style, identifying your saboteurs and helping understand who you truly are."

Vibhor S.

VP of Engineering, Chegg

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We’ve compiled some of our most commonly asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Can you provide an overview of the learning plans for new managers and their key components?

New Level Work offers three comprehensive learning plans for new managers:

Learning Plan 1: Focuses on basic management skills, including coaching, providing feedback, prioritizing/time management, and delegation.

Learning Plan 2: Centers on team leadership, emphasizing competencies such as building teams, leading with vision & purpose, and ensuring accountability.

Learning Plan 3: Involves peer coaching, addressing organization-specific needs through group coaching and follow-up sessions, covering competencies like resilience, driving results, employee engagement, and developing others.

How can we schedule a demo to get a more in-depth understanding of New Level Work's coaching and training solutions?

To schedule a demo and explore our coaching and training solutions, please request a demo We'll guide you through the features and benefits tailored to your organizational needs.

What are the biggest challenges new managers face in their first 30, 60, 90 days?

New managers often grapple with challenges such as transitioning from individual contributor to team leader, mastering basic management skills, adapting to team dynamics, and fostering employee engagement. Our learning plans specifically address these transitional hurdles.

What are the potential risks and consequences of not providing proper training for new managers in an organization?

Not providing adequate training for new managers can lead to increased stress, decreased team morale, higher turnover rates, and diminished overall team performance. Proper training is crucial for ensuring that new managers are equipped with the skills needed to lead effectively.

What are the often overlooked skills that new managers need?

Often overlooked skills for new managers include resilience, the ability to drive results, foster employee engagement, and develop others. New Level Work's learning plans consciously address these competencies to ensure a well-rounded development experience for new managers.

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