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Our mission is to equip managers to lead and thrive in an ever changing world of work.

Organizations thrive when their people are properly supported, and their talents cultivated. It is the right way to lead, and the only way to lead responsibly into the future.
Our story

New Level Work is a coaching and training platform designed to guide managers to new levels of performance.

New Level Work changes mindset and equips managers with needed competencies and skills so everyone can feel valued and create value in the ever-changing world of work.

  • 100% virtual
  • technology-enabled
  • proven effective for managers at every level.

The world of work is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same: everything happens with and through your people. New Level Work, formerly known as BetterManager has been working on this for over 20 years; it’s in our DNA. What we have come to learn from all the organizations we have partnered with – is we take managers, teams, and business results to a new level by accelerating leadership development. We have outgrown “BetterManager” and “NewLevel” is now more aligned with what our incredible coaches and facilitators do every day, enabled and supported by our new platform.

Meet our leadership team

Stephane Panier
CEO & Co-Founder
As co-founder and CEO of New Level Work, Stephane Panier brings his unique blend of leadership, work ethic, and financial expertise, honed from his early days at Google and roles at major tech firms and startups, to drive the company's growth and success.
John Topping
President & COO
30+ years as an executive for leading technology media companies such as CMP Media and IDG and an early Google executive
Wendy Hanson
Chief of Culture and Evangelist, Co-Founder
Wendy Hanson, co-founder and Chief Culture & Community Officer at New Level Work, leads a global network of executive coaches and has propelled the company to top-tier status with notable clients like Google and NASA, leveraging her two decades of experience in executive coaching.
Will Corley
Chief L&D Officer & Co-Founder
Will Corley is a Doctor of Psychology and transformational leader who has coached, advised and managed individuals...
Sonja Lutz
Sonja Lutz is a multilingual performance marketing and e-commerce expert with over 20 years of experience, renowned for her storytelling acumen and her impressive track record in scaling businesses and nurturing talent across a diverse range of industries.

We’re actively hiring!

Check out our open roles and join our diverse team of collaborators, coaches and  innovators dedicated to taking professional development to a new level!

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Our carefully-vetted and developed community of certified coaches and trainers bring business savvy and real-world management experience to help drive the business outcomes you seek. Demonstrated by our 5 star ratings and 90+ NPS  score, our customers agree.

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