Will Corley

Chief L&D Officer & Co-Founder

Will Corley is a Doctor of Psychology and transformational leader who has coached, advised and managed individuals and teams across a wide array of industries.

Will is an expert in change management and specializes in coaching C-suite leaders and business teams to drive impactful change during periods of fast-­paced, high growth. He combines a unique understanding of people, business, and leadership with humor, energy, and insight to develop effective, dynamic leaders and stronger organizations.

Prior to New Level Work (formerly BetterManager), he co-founded and ran his own executive consulting and coaching business, which saw him drive organizational and cultural change for industry stalwarts including Google and AOL, among others.

In his work with Google, he designed and implemented sales strategies and built high functioning, collaborative teams equipped to innovate and adapt as the company grew exponentially. Google leaders have recognized Will's assessment tool for harnessing and engaging employee strengths as a critical component to increased North American sales.

Will earned his doctorate in psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, his masters in Education from Lesley College, and his bachelors in psychology from St. John Fisher College. He received his coaching certification (PCC) from the Coaches Training Institute.

Will currently resides in Oakland, CA.

"BetterManager helps fulfill management's promise of becoming a noble profession through truly partnering with groups of individual leaders, providing the highest caliber of coaching. What has awed me, is that the quality of our coaching has remained consistently high across 50 coaches, across 70 plus companies. What excites me is we continue to evolve as a leadership development platform that brings leaders together through coaching. group management debriefs and master classes. Connecting Leaders to Leaders. But most exciting is the trusted partnerships we have developed with companies like Yelp, Smart Recruiters, Survey Monkey, DropBox, EventBrite and many more to come."

The future of work has arrived. It's time to thrive.