Solutions for Developing Senior Leaders

Prepare senior leaders to embrace a wider perspective, focus on driving growth, and effectively translate strategic goals into results.

Learning plans for Drivers


Scaling Leadership

This targeted Learning Plan has the Drivers evaluate their individual strengths, competencies with their coach while also exploring common developmental themes through unique group coaching sessions ensuring their ability to scale their leadership.

  • Developing Self
  • Global Perspective
  • Competencies surfaced through 360s & organization need
Learning Plan 2

Business Objectives & Beyond

This Learning Plan builds on the former by focusing on the competencies required to gain a strategic and global vision of the company and how to lead from that perspective. Customized group coaching sessions address the unique learning opportunities of the group providing insights, problem-solving, and brainstorming in a collaborative environment.

  • Value Differences
  • Global Perspective
  • Driving Results
Learning Plan 3

Peer Coaching

Building on the other two, with a unique opportunity for the group to take what they’ve learned about themselves as leaders and coach or cross-mentor one another with an experienced coach to guide the process.

  • Chosen by the group and the organization based on the 360s

Included in all Learning Plans

AI powered e-learning content

AI powered e-learning content is provided throughout all New Level Work programs to support the deepening of individual and group learning with specific focus areas.

Assessments (360, DISC and CliftonStrengths)

Measure manager behavior against industry best practices of high-performing managers and collect direct report, peer, and manager feedback to enable goal setting and metrics for improvement.


We provide the tools to measure the impact of our learning programs from manager growth to business results, integrated with leading indicators of learning success: engagement and satisfaction.

Meet our Executive Coaches & Facilitators

Rachel P.

Leverett, MA

Rachel is a bi-lingual executive coach and international organizational change professional with 30 years of leadership...

Lisa L.

Chicago, IL

Lisa is an Executive Coach who brings a passion for coaching leaders and teams who are growing, evolving, and creating new...

Jim C.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jim Coyle has over 25 years of experience as a senior leader, sales consultant and executive coach. His senior leadership...

Deborah H.

Houston, Texas

Deborah is a Certified Executive Coach with an extensive background in leadership development, management, education, training...

Charlie M.

San Anselmo, CA / Bali, Indonesia

Charlie has successfully led individuals and teams as the President of a startup title insurance company, Executive Vice...

New Level Work (formerly BetterManager) helped me identify a personal weakness and provided the guidance to improve.
"I have increased the number of group meetings that I hold with my team, more frequently interact with team members, and have made a conscious effort to conduct one-on-one coaching sessions."

Adam S.

Engineering Supervisor, General Dynamics Electric Boat

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We’ve compiled some of our most commonly asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Can you provide an overview of the learning plans for business unit leaders and their key components?

New Level Work offers specialized learning plans for business unit leaders, focusing on scaling leadership, aligning business objectives with execution, and addressing individual leadership behaviors. The plans prepare senior leaders to adopt a broader perspective, shift their focus to growth, and effectively translate results into actionable outcomes. Competency areas include developing oneself, fostering a global perspective, valuing differences, and driving results.

How can we schedule a demo to get a more in-depth understanding of New Level Work's coaching and training solutions?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of New Level Work's coaching and training solutions for business unit leaders, schedule a demo through our website. This demonstration will provide an in-depth exploration of the features and benefits of our programs, allowing you to assess their alignment with your organization's specific needs.

How does New Level Work's learning plan for business unit leaders and senior managers/leaders compare against competitors?

New Level Work's learning plan for business unit leaders and senior managers/leaders excels in the competitive landscape by offering a holistic and accountability-focused approach. With a global network of highly qualified coaches, comprehensive and flexible learning plans, and a modern platform for effective management, our solution ensures a unique and impactful learning experience. The differentiation extends to coach and facilitator qualifications, a dedicated customer success team providing personalized support, and a robust measurement of impact through the competency framework and Impact Dashboard. The commitment to understanding organizational goals and aligning programs accordingly, along with an emphasis on accountability and targeting critical managerial groups, distinguishes New Level Work as a leader in delivering results-driven leadership development solutions.

What are the biggest challenges senior managers face in their new roles?

Senior managers often face challenges in their new roles, including the need to broaden their perspective beyond the organizational boundaries and develop skills to ensure that changes become ingrained in the organizational culture. New Level Work addresses these challenges through a tailored approach involving 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and relevant group training sessions.

What are the biggest mistakes senior managers face after transitioning into higher leadership roles?

Common mistakes senior managers make after transitioning into higher leadership roles include a lack of accountability, insufficient focus on critical managerial groups, and neglecting the importance of closing the double value gap. New Level Work emphasizes accountability and focuses on the three critical managerial groups to maximize the return on development investments.

What skills do managers need to receive training for on an annual basis?

Managers need annual training in key areas to continuously develop their skills and adapt to the evolving landscape of the workplace.The need for annual training in areas such as creating resilient teams, managing hybrid work environments, inspiring leadership, ensuring efficiency through talent alignment, and fostering progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives reflects the dynamic nature of the modern workplace. Each year, new challenges, technologies, and workplace trends emerge, necessitating continuous development for managers to stay ahead. Resilience becomes crucial as teams face evolving uncertainties, and the rise of hybrid work demands updated strategies for effective leadership and collaboration. Ongoing training ensures managers stay attuned to the latest practices, fostering adaptability and innovation within their teams. Additionally, the emphasis on DEI initiatives underscores the evolving societal expectations and the imperative for organizations to cultivate inclusive cultures. Annual training serves as a proactive approach, enabling managers to navigate these changes, optimize team performance, and contribute to organizational success. New Level Work addresses the annual training needs of managers by providing dynamic and adaptive learning plans. Through a combination of assessments, coaching, and comprehensive training, New Level Work ensures that managers stay equipped with the latest skills.

What are strategies for senior leadership to working with multi generational teams?

Senior leadership can effectively work with multi-generational teams by emphasizing inclusivity, understanding and valuing generational differences, fostering open communication, providing mentorship opportunities, and creating a workplace culture that embraces diversity and collaboration. New Level Work supports senior leadership in implementing these strategies for successful team dynamics.

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