Deborah H.

Houston, Texas

Deborah is a Certified Executive Coach with an extensive background in leadership development, management, education, training and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She holds a B.S. in Education (University of Florida), a M.A. in Educational Leadership (University of Houston) and a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from eCornell University.

She enjoys partnering with new, mid-level and senior leaders who are focused on creating effective strategies that promote employee engagement, team building and inclusive work environments.

Deborah is recognized for her success as a remote manager who manages across several states. She also employs her skills as a master trainer to create virtual experiences and content that support cohesive teams.

Deborah’s experience as an entrepreneur, diversity and inclusion practitioner, adjunct professor, non-profit board member and partner with Fortune 500 clients supports the breadth of knowledge she so willingly shares. Her energetic and inspiring personality has led her to many platforms as a webinar leader and keynote speaker. Deborah is based in Houston, Texas.

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