Exploring Leadership, Collaboration, and Growth: Top 5 New Level Work Podcast Episodes of 2023

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December 19, 2023
The BetterManager Team
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As we navigate the evolving landscape of leadership and team dynamics, the BetterManager Podcast has been a beacon of insightful conversations, offering guidance and wisdom from seasoned professionals across industries. Here's a curated roundup of our top 5 podcast episodes that delved into essential facets of leadership, collaboration, and personal growth.

1. Making the Most of Your First 30 Days on the Job (Ep. #67) with Charley Longfellow

Charley Longfellow, in an engaging conversation, shared profound insights on initiating leadership roles. His emphasis on adaptability and the fluid nature of leadership resonated deeply. Acknowledging the unforeseen challenges, Longfellow highlighted the importance of crafting a vision while remaining open to adaptation—a sentiment perfectly captured by Mike Tyson's famous quote, "Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face."

“What are the things I want the team to be known for? What are some of the culture pieces I want to instill? How do I want to operate as a leader? And what do I want to be known for? And so, you know, that's what I built it around.” - Charley Longfellow

2. Why 1:1 Coaching Is a Game Changer for Managers (Ep. #71) with Karen Benz

Karen Benz's elucidation of coaching as a distinct tool for individual leadership development was eye-opening. Distinguishing coaching from mentoring, therapy, training, and consulting, she emphasized its forward-focused nature and the role of a coach as a thought partner. Understanding the nuances between these practices becomes pivotal in fostering effective managerial growth.

"Coaching really is the process of building individual leadership and management skills through goal setting and focused conversations." - Karen Benz

3. Embracing Diversity for Success: Creating an Inclusive Workplace (Ep. #77) with Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins' discussion on psychological safety within teams illuminated the critical element driving high performance—trust. Exploring Amy Edmondson's research on psychological safety, Robbins underscored the significance of creating environments where risk-taking and diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but encouraged, enabling teams to thrive.

"It's group trust, right? It means the group, the team, it could be the whole organization or the team itself is safe enough for risk-taking, for mistake-making, for doing things that may be a little bit different out of the box." - Mike Robbins

4. Strategies for Collaboration and Strong Relationships in the Workplace (Ep. #79) with Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen's observations on the evolution of collaborative leadership resonated deeply. Moving away from the traditional 'hero leader' model, she highlighted the significance of collaboration in today's workplaces. Her insights into the changing dynamics between genders in collaborative work shed light on the shifting landscape of professional relationships.

"I think we are moving out of this sort of hero leader construct... it's kind of a holdover where the leader is the great person, and everybody else is just doing usually his bidding." - Sally Helgesen

5. Self-Care for Success: Empowering Leaders to Take Care of Themselves and Their Teams (Ep. #80) with Liz Kislik

In a world where remote and hybrid work has blurred boundaries, Liz Kislik's emphasis on self-care emerged as a crucial reminder. Highlighting the loss of commute's transitional value, she suggested innovative ways to recreate that boundary between work and personal life. Her insights into the importance of mental well-being for leaders underscored the need for balance in a rapidly changing work environment.

"Create commute time for yourself... Go for a little ride, get a coffee, come back again, and then start because our day blends together." - Liz Kislik

Each episode encapsulated a facet of leadership crucial for today's managers. From initiating leadership roles effectively to fostering inclusivity, embracing collaboration, and prioritizing self-care, these conversations offered actionable insights for both personal and professional growth.

To delve deeper into these enriching discussions, tune in to the BetterManager Podcast and unlock a treasure trove of wisdom, guiding you on your journey toward effective leadership and team empowerment.

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