Great Advice from a Woman Leader with Charlene Dodson (Ep. #95)

Published on
March 13, 2024
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Charlene Dodson is the VP of Human Resources for Dollar Tree Stores, serving over 8000+ locations and 100,000 associates. That's a big job! Charlene gives practical advice for new and seasoned women leaders on the importance of having diverse perspectives in the room, especially women and people of color, and the need to speak up and share those perspectives. She encourages all women to step into their power, take risks, advocate for themselves and stand their ground on boundaries for work/life balance. This is a not-to-miss episode.

Meet the Guest:

As Vice President of Human Resources for Dollar Tree Stores, Charlene Dodson's passion is leading culture transformation in the areas of associate experience and leadership development. Prior to her current role at Dollar Tree, Charlene served as vice president of HR for Family Dollar and Tractor Supply Company - where she drove employee experience initiatives in the areas of compensation, workforce planning, and team member well-being.With over 15 years of retail experience from organizations such as Apple and Target, Charlene has been responsible for leading numerous human capital strategies resulting in improved employee engagement and business performance. She has a 12-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter so when she isn’t working she can be found at both swim and gymnastics meets. Charlene is a champion for diversity and inclusion and actively serves as an executive chair on Dollar Tree’s Associate Resource Groups.

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