New AI Coach Tool Delivers Instant Leadership Development Guidance On Demand

Published on
April 4, 2024
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Leadership plays a critical role in the success and growth of any organization. However, not everyone has access to professional leadership development resources or the guidance of an experienced executive coach. New Level Work aims to bridge this gap with its new groundbreaking AI-powered chatbot "Leadership Oracle."

The Leadership Oracle is designed to help accelerate leadership development skills in an intuitive interface. This innovative tool, informed by New Level Work's network of credentialed executive coaches, is now available to all learning and development and people leaders for free, 24/7.

Using Generative AI in Coaching

As in other domains, generative AI will also become prevalent in coaching and training, specifically in areas of new skills development. With AI handling foundational level coaching at scale, human coaches will need to adapt and focus on more complex aspects of leadership and personal development that require their unique qualities of empathy, understanding, and strategic insight. Unlike other solutions like a quick online search or GPT, the Leadership Oracle is a controlled information space that only provides high quality answers, relevant leaders who need to make quick decisions to execute on their goals. 

How Does the Leadership Oracle Work?

The New Level Work Leadership Oracle is designed with user convenience in mind. Accessing the tool is as simple as visiting the New Level Work website and typing in a leadership-related question. Within seconds, you will receive a response tailored to your query. 

This user-friendly interface and immediate response time allow individuals to seek guidance and learn at their own pace. Whether you're a seasoned leader looking to enhance your skills or an aspiring leader seeking to develop key competencies, the Leadership Oracle offers a valuable resource to support and accelerate leadership development.

Unlimited Access to Proprietary Coaching Content

The advice provided by the Leadership Oracle is not generic or randomly generated; it is informed by New Level Work's proprietary coaching content, meticulously developed by our network of executive coaches.

Over the past six years, New Level Work has passionately devoted an immense amount of time and resources to expertly curate an all-encompassing database of coaching content that intricately unpacks every aspect of leadership development. This content covers a wide range of topics, including leadership presence, team motivation, effective communication, and more. 

A Wealth of Leadership Insights

One of the key benefits of the New Level Work Leadership Oracle is its ability to provide instant responses to your leadership and HR-related questions. Whether it's a query about defining a successful leader, dealing with an unmotivated team member, running effective team meetings, or supporting a manager in a new role, the Leadership Oracle offers valuable, comprehensive insights and practical advice to address these challenges.

Access to high-quality leadership development resources should not be limited to a select few. With the New Level Work Leadership Oracle, individuals from all backgrounds and professions now have the opportunity to receive instant leadership advice. The New Level Work Leadership Oracle is a reliable and accessible tool that can guide you on your path to accelerating into a more effective and successful leader. 

Visit the New Level Work website today and accelerate your leadership growth with the Leadership Oracle. 

If you’re interested in learning how you can leverage the Leadership Oracle even further and learning how you can customize content for your organizational values and policies, contact us today!

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