Accelerate Leadership Development and Ease HR/L&D Workloads with AI

Published on
May 16, 2024
Micah McAllister
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For any business, strong leadership is not just a requirement but an absolute necessity. However, ensuring leaders receive the precise and timely guidance they need often strains HR and Learning & Development (L&D) teams. Resource limitations, such as budget and manpower constraints, coupled with the constantly evolving business landscape, require continuous learning and adaptation to provide leaders with relevant insights. Additionally, tailoring guidance to match the specific needs and nuances of an organization adds another layer of complexity, demanding a profound understanding of its culture, values, and policies. This exacerbates the challenge, making it difficult to prioritize effectively.

When HR or L&D teams are swamped with tasks and need to provide leadership training to managers, they often employ several strategies to balance priorities. HR might partner with external leadership training solutions or consultants or they may tap into existing internal talent for training purposes. Experienced leaders within the organization can conduct workshops or mentorship programs for other managers, sharing their knowledge and expertise. Rather than conducting individualized training sessions, HR can organize group sessions where multiple managers participate simultaneously. While these methods may improve manager performance, they still overlook one of the greatest challenges faced by people leaders: resource allocation.

Enter the Leadership Oracle - a revolutionary AI-driven coaching tool that not only fast-tracks learning, but also dramatically boosts organizational performance by off-loading tasks from human resources and L&D departments. It’s a great way to augment leadership development initiatives in an affordable and lean way. 

What is the Leadership Oracle from New Level Work exactly?

The Leadership Oracle is designed to help accelerate leadership development skills in an intuitive interface. This innovative chat bot tool, informed by New Level Work's network of credentialed executive coaches, is now available to all learning and development and people leaders for free, 24/7.

Although the Leadership Oracle does not serve as a substitute for personalized learning plans or executive coaching in leadership development, it stands as a valuable resource for people leaders aiming to enhance their teams' development with minimal lift on their  part.

How does the Leadership Oracle work? 

The New Level Work Leadership Oracle prioritizes user convenience above all else. Accessing the tool is straightforward—simply visit the Leadership Oracle tool online and input your leadership-related question. In a matter of seconds, you'll receive a tailored response catered to your query.

Accessing answers to leadership questions is simple and available round the clock. Introduce our extensive database of proprietary leadership knowledge to your managers effortlessly. It's been curated over six years by our team of 500+ accredited coaches and facilitators, each boasting over a decade of real-world business and people management experience. And the best part? The base version is free for your organization. (Seriously go try it yourself now!)

This user-friendly interface and rapid response time empower individuals to seek guidance and learn at their own pace. Whether you're an experienced leader seeking to refine your skills or an emerging leader aiming to develop key competencies, the Leadership Oracle serves as an invaluable resource to bolster and accelerate leadership development.

Leadership Oracle is an AI tool for accelerating leadership development from New Level Work (formerly BetterManager)
Accessing the tool is easy—simply visit the Leadership Oracle tool online and input your leadership-related question.
In a matter of seconds, you'll receive a tailored response catered to your query.

Leveraging the Leadership Oracle as an extension of people leader teams

The premium version of the Leadership Oracle elevates learning to an entirely new level offering leaders an enriched educational experience. With this version, leaders gain access to a wealth of in-depth resources, including New Level Work's curated content and bespoke organizational materials. This promotes a culture of continuous learning and development, allowing leaders to deepen their understanding and refine their skills.

Furthermore, the premium version of the Leadership Oracle offers the capability to integrate content supplied by HRBPs/HR leaders. This enables the Oracle to provide answers tailored specifically to your organization, offering insights and guidance that are uniquely relevant.

Consider the significant time savings your team will experience when questions about PTO, benefits, company policies, procedures, and processes can be swiftly addressed by the Leadership Oracle! This efficiency not only streamlines operations but also enhances overall productivity and effectiveness within the organization, all while serving as a powerful tool for leadership development, enriching the professional growth of individuals across all levels of the organization.

Upon implementation, managers will gain immediate access to your organizations, policies, senior leadership advice, and leadership skill enhancement tools, 24/7. It's like welcoming a new member to your HR team without the need for onboarding, and one that remains readily available to assist whenever needed!

Imagine how much time your team will save with the Leadership Oracle providing quick answers about PTO, benefits, company policies, procedures, and processes! It's like having a super-efficient assistant right at your fingertips, making life easier for everyone.

At crucial decision-making junctures, leaders require more than generic management skills - they need bespoke advice that resonates with their organization's distinctive culture and policies. The Leadership Oracle stands tall, providing certified insights from leading leadership veterans and our proprietary leadership development content that has been developed by leadership professionals specifically experienced with real-business experience. Our coaches boast a minimum of 10 years in the field, ensuring they not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

With the Leadership Oracle you streamline leadership essentials: saving time, money, and resources 

When it comes to leadership development there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Nonetheless, certain fundamental lessons and principles are indispensable for every aspiring leader's success. From mastering the art of conducting efficient meetings to adeptly navigating conflict resolution, addressing change, and fostering collaboration, these foundational skills form the cornerstone of effective leadership.

Our tool serves as a catalyst for expediting the mastery of these essential leadership basics. By swiftly addressing these fundamental aspects, it paves the way for a more focused and comprehensive leadership development program. This streamlined approach allows organizations to delve deeper into targeted areas of growth and refinement, maximizing the impact of their leadership initiatives.

What are the use cases and benefits? 

Leadership Oracle makes an impact across your entire organization. Below are some examples of the impact for each department and on an individual participant level.

New Level Work Leadership Oracle AI Chat Bot for Leadership Development
Sync Leadership Oracle with your existing communication channels
For the participant/user

Enhanced and faster decision-making
Comprehensive leadership tools and insights, combined with organization-specific guidelines, help facilitate informed and aligned decision-making processes.

Rapid response
Immediate access to the right answers to leadership and management questions anytime from any connected device.

Saying goodbye to waiting for office hours
Imagine it's the end of the day on Friday, and you suddenly have a question about your benefits. With the Oracle at your disposal, you can instantly seek answers without having to wait until Monday morning to connect with HR.

Support when facetime is limited
In today’s diverse work environments, encompassing hybrid, remote, and in-person setups, teams often span various time zones and locations. This dispersion can make scheduling meetings or seeking quick advice more challenging than ever. Gone are the days of simply popping into someone’s office for a chat. However, with the Leadership Oracle always at the ready, assistance is just a click away, regardless of where team members are located or what time it is.

Seeking guidance and help, confidentially
When there's concern about appearing vulnerable or inexperienced, many managers won’t speak up or ask questions. While fostering a culture of support is ideal, the reality is that judgment-free environments aren't always guaranteed. In truth, there are moments when you simply want to ask straightforward or seemingly trivial questions without fear of scrutiny.

For Human Resource professionals 

For newly promoted first-time managers, the Leadership Oracle can accelerate the learning of essential leadership fundamentals, ensuring they meet the organization's standards.

Newly hired managers can swiftly familiarize themselves with company policies and procedures, enabling them to hit the ground running.

Senior business leaders, grappling with the complexities of a rapidly evolving workforce spanning multiple generations, can access prompt advice tailored to appeal to diverse teams.

For Learning & Development (L&D) professionals

Affordable Leadership Development Solution

The tool is an affordable, quick-and-easy way to offer a form of leadership development to your workforce without adding unnecessary strain to your team.

Knowledge Base of Controlled Information That Provides Quality Answers

Unlike other alternatives such as search engines or generic AI platforms, the Leadership Oracle offers a controlled information space, ensuring the delivery of high-quality answers directly relevant to leaders' contexts. This precision facilitates swift decision-making in pursuit of organizational goals.

Extensive Content Repository for Internal Training

With its extensive repository of proprietary content, the tool offers ample material for internal training exercises, empowering L&D leaders to conduct impactful development sessions based on the wealth of information available.

Immediate Relief for Leadership Development Initiatives

The Leadership Oracle serves as an immediate relief for leadership development initiatives and acts as a bridge towards establishing a more comprehensive program in the future. This is particularly beneficial during the evaluation of leadership development vendors or when refining internal processes.

Customized Knowledge Base for Your Company’s Information

Leadership Oracle exclusively provides high-quality answers sourced from New Level Work or the organization itself. By incorporating organizational policies and cultural nuances into the New Level leadership library, leaders receive information that is not only pertinent but also aligned with company values.

Maximizing Impact through Targeted Growth and Refinement

The tool enables organizations to delve deeper into targeted areas of growth and refinement, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of their leadership initiatives.

Simplified Onboarding for a Robust Leadership Development Partner
The Leadership Oracle, an extension of the New Level Work leadership development platform, accelerates the progression of your leadership development initiatives. By partnering with us, you not only expedite this process but also choose a partner you can grow with as you enhance and establish a more robust program for your organization. With our support, you can seamlessly craft impactful learning strategies customized to your organization's unique needs.

For CFOs and CEOs

Cost-Effective Leadership Development
A reliable and affordable method to cultivate leaders with a strong foundation in essential leadership qualities.

Cross-Functional Team Support
An intermediate solution for a comprehensive leadership program 

Consistent Policy Application
Promote uniform understanding and application of company policies, reducing compliance risks.

Cultural Alignment
Foster a leadership culture deeply aligned with the organization’s values and strategic goals, enhancing overall performance.

Increase Productivity Cross-Functionally Sooner
Leaders accessing correct answers instantly increases velocity and productivity of teams across the organization.

Test Drive Leadership Development Partnership
Trying our Leadership Oracle tool is an opportunity to evaluate our expertise and compatibility with your organization before committing to a more extensive program.

How the Leadership Oracle impacts your entire organization

Tailored knowledge base: customized to your organization's specific needs and policies
The Leadership Oracle boasts a controlled yet customized knowledge base that caters to the unique requirements of your organization. From performance management policies to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) guidelines, this tool can cover it all ensuring that leadership development efforts are closely aligned with organizational objectives. Tailoring leadership development to meet organization-specific needs has never been easier.

Overcoming managerial hesitancy and the fear of seeking help
Many new managers or those senior level leaders lacking certain experience hesitate to seek guidance, fearing judgment and striving to appear competent. However, research shows that 60% of new managers fail within their first 24 months, highlighting the importance of seeking help. The Leadership Oracle offers a solution by allowing managers to ask questions anytime, from any device, without the fear of judgment. It provides confidential advice and fosters a culture of growth and development.

Empowers leaders for success in any work setting
Regardless of where your leaders are located, this tool empowers them to thrive. These days face time with colleagues is limited due to flexible working arrangements from remote, hybrid or in-office teams, you need to suit the learning of employees in a range of settings. Leadership Oracle ensures that leaders remain connected and supported, even from a distance. Ensuring they never feel isolated or alone. With the Leadership Oracle by their side, leaders can navigate the nuances of virtual leadership with finesse, driving performance and fostering collaboration across the organization.

Effortlessly integrates with your existing communication channels
Incorporating new tools into your existing L&D programs need not be a daunting task. With the Leadership Oracle, it's a seamless process. This advanced tool effortlessly integrates with communication channels such as Slack and Teams, facilitating accessibility and collaboration. Making a streamlined user experience and consolidated tools for enhanced efficiency.


The Leadership Oracle isn't just a tool—it's a revolutionary change agent designed to empower your leaders to thrive, no matter their location. It offers a wealth of knowledge and resources, guiding managers through their professional development in a lean and agile manner. This not only supports individual growth but also reduces the workload on your HR or L&D teams. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

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