Introducing New Level Work: Letter from the CEO

Published on
January 16, 2024
Stéphane Panier
Co-Founder & CEO @ BetterManager
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Dear Partners, Colleagues, and Friends,

Today marks a pivotal moment in our journey together. Our company, formerly known as BetterManager, is stepping boldly into a new era, embracing a brand that encapsulates our ethos, our purpose, and our unwavering commitment to transforming the world of work. 

Welcome to New Level Work, where our mission is to change mindsets and lift performance.

Rooted in Leadership Enhancement

Since the beginning, our journey has been dedicated to enhancing leadership capabilities, believing that thriving businesses stem from empowered and well-equipped managers. New Level Work is rooted in this understanding, striving to propel managers, teams, and businesses to new levels by accelerating leadership development.

The shift from BetterManager to New Level Work is more than a change in name; it signifies a transformative step towards aligning our identity with the transformative work we do daily. Our team, armed with a new platform, remains committed to enabling and supporting our extraordinary coaches and facilitators in bringing about lasting change.

The Essence of Our Brand

The identity of New Level Work embodies professionalism, empathy, innovation, and adaptability. It signifies our thought leadership in coaching and training while fostering a supportive environment for managers. It underscores the pivotal role of leadership development in driving tangible business outcomes and prioritizes impactful leadership and organizational growth.

Delivering Impactful Solutions and Bridging Value Gaps

In today's corporate landscape, the Feel Valued Gap and Create Value Gap disrupt employee satisfaction within organizations, critical voids that must be closed for accelerated business growth. We focus on developing core competencies and transforming mindsets to empower engaged, goal-oriented team members driving organizational strategies.

Our sophisticated 360 Assessment, tailored for senior leaders/high-potentials and new/emerging managers, aligns with key business domains—Mindset, Engagement, Productivity, and Results—measuring comprehensive leader development. This validated tool collects feedback from multiple sources, fostering improvement metrics and enhancing critical competencies for self-awareness and accountability.

Our solution creates a direct link between leadership development and concrete business outcomes, emphasizing return on investment. Aligned with esteemed models like the Kirkpatrick and Phillips ROI models, it offers a robust framework, complemented by a user-friendly dashboard providing quick insights and resonating with top executives. Its alignment with leadership competencies and potential customization ensures relevance in driving organizational success.

Backed by decades of experience, our virtual coaching and training solutions offer adaptable and effective leadership development for managers at every level. Addressing the need for employee satisfaction and organizational value creation, we bridge the double value gap, ensuring sustainable growth and results. Supporting managers in adapting to change future-proof organizations, making them resilient to upcoming challenges by leveraging our flexible toolkit of assessments, training, and coaching.

Gratitude & Collaboration

As we begin this journey as New Level Work, I express heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. You’ll soon see New Level Work reflected across our website, social media platforms, emails, and more in the days ahead. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with you and take your managers, teams, and organizations to new levels.

Thank you for entrusting us with your journey toward leadership excellence. Here's to embracing the future of work together!

Warm regards,
Stephane Panier
CEO & Co-Founder, New Level Work

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