New Level Work Launches New Business Impact-Focused Leadership Development Platform

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March 13, 2024
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SAN FRANCISCO (March 13, 2024) – New Level Work, the leading company for changing mindset and lifting performance among business leaders at every level, today announced the launch of its new coaching and training technology platform, designed to accelerate leadership development, deliver tangible business results, and measure the impact of leadership development investments. 

Key features in the New Level Work Platform include:

  • Impact Dashboard: The Impact Dashboard is specifically designed to present L&D outcomes in terms of actual business impact, metrics that resonate with C-suite executives and include unique features that bridge the gap between L&D and top-level management.
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Analytics: The platform offers the ability to move beyond basic analytics to measure intricate aspects of leadership development like behavior change, sentiment, and participation, offering a more nuanced understanding of program effectiveness.
  • Training and Measurement Backed by Third Party Validation/Research: The company’s leadership competency model has been validated by experts at Harvard Business School, Crestwood Behavioral Health, and others. The new Impact Dashboard integrates respected methodologies like the Kirkpatrick Model and Phillips ROI Model, offering a more robust and credible approach to measuring leadership development success. 

“The New Level Work Platform gives actionable insights and real-time progress, tracking against established industry benchmarks for effective leadership,” said New Level Work CEO Stephane Panier. “The tools embedded in our platform will help to identify organizational needs and targeted growth opportunities for our partners.”

About New Level Work

New Level Work is a comprehensive leadership development platform that helps companies equip their managers and leaders for the future, today. Their personalized coaching, leadership training and flexible toolkit of 360 assessments for all management levels has a proven track record of changing mindsets and performance, delivering higher sales and revenue and better attrition rates. New Level Work has the most extensive network of vetted, experienced coaches, and its data-driven approach accelerates leadership development and ensures visibility and accountability. With coaching available in over 20 languages serving 22 countries, New Level Work can provide real results for managers around the world. Learn more at

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