New Year - New Level Work with Sonja Lutz (Ep. #91)

Published on
January 16, 2024
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Welcome to 2024 and our first episode of the year! I'm your host, Wendy Hanson, and we have a very special guest joining us today – Sonja Lutz, Chief Marketing Officer of New Level Work (formerly BetterManager).

In this episode, we'll delve into the rationale behind the company's rebranding and explore the exciting focus of our future marketing endeavors.

New Level Work is a tech-enabled coaching solution that introduces a unique leadership framework, emphasizing mindset, engagement, productivity, and results. The platform features an impact dashboard tailored for HR and L&D leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of their leadership development programs. The company sets itself apart by identifying three distinct groups of managers: emerging managers, accelerators, and drivers, each with specific developmental needs. The ultimate objective is to empower HR and L&D leaders, enabling them to showcase the value of their work and instigate positive change within their organizations.

Meet Sonja:

Sonja Lutz is a multilingual performance marketing and e-commerce dynamo. With an MBA and over two decades of global go-to-market (GTM) experience spanning various sectors, from tech and SaaS to luxury industries, Sonja stands out as a seasoned storyteller. Her core strength lies in scaling meaningful businesses to unprecedented heights.

As a veteran overseer of sales, marketing, and partnership strategies, Sonja commands respect as a leader, mentor, and partner. Her extensive skill set includes developing and scaling revenue-generating sales and marketing programs. Recognized as a successful team builder, Sonja is deeply committed to nurturing talent and fostering motivation and drive within her organization, consistently guiding teams towards success.

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