Turning Stress into Resilience: Insights from Dr. G (Ep. #101)

Published on
June 11, 2024
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Welcome to another insightful episode of Building Better Managers with your host, Wendy Hanson. In this episode, Wendy dives deep into the topic of stress and resilience with renowned resilience expert, Dr. Deborah Gilboa, popularly known as Doctor G. Discover how stress, if managed correctly, can be transformed into a tool for resilience and productivity. Learn practical strategies to navigate change, support your team, and build a resilient organization.

Meet Dr. G:

Stress and adversity can forever change your life — for the better! Just ask resilience expert, Dr. Deborah Gilboa. Popularly known as “Dr. G.,” she teaches individuals, teams, and companies some of the most valuable skills they need to learn — how to transform fear, stress, and anxiety into resilience, productivity, and innovation.  Dr. G is a popular TV guest and a board-certified family physician who frequently appears on top television programs including TODAY, Good Morning America and The Doctors. She is also a contributor to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Forbes, and other print and digital outlets. She is also the author of five self-development books, and the host of Dr. G’s Think Tank on Resilience.

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Dr. G’s Think Tank on Resilience

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